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41 comentarios en «Bayern Munich vs Liverpool | Player By Player Comparison»
  1. I’ll take Kimmich over Thiago the guys passing and defensive ability as well and he’s complete can play everywhere in any position even Jose said. If Bayern win CL Kimmich has a balon dor shout that says a lot even tho Lewandowski will win. Also didn’t you all see how Kimmich tore apart atletico defense which is known as the best defensive team in the world. Kimmich has been inform this season so I’ll choose the best midfielder in the world atm.

  2. I would only agree with VVD that’s the only player I’ll take, other than that no way I’m taking any other player especially after how we performed in the CL and all stepped up. Also with davies he’s better on the ball faster and better dribbler and very young he’s only 20 so I’ll pick him over other LB.

  3. Like at least make this video non biased. Salah is better than sane and we have stats to prove it so let's just leave it at that. There is a common misconception that Davies is better than Robertson at defending which is not true so I will leave a link so that deluded fans can go check it out and Robertson is better than Davies offensively so no debate about that.

  4. Happy birthday Flick (and me and bayern on saturday), happy to share the same birthday as his
    Kimmich over thiago rn, thiago is bad now while kimmich is a BEAST, he can do AND does everything
    Hansi better than klopp, less predictable, is really smart: knows when to dominate games and when to relax to not burn players out.
    I think Salah is more established in liverpool and has a bigger impact on liverpool, he can get them the goals and also helps in defense (so does sané) but sané has more technical ability, is better at 1 on 1s and in my opinion creates better and more useful chances plus he has a lot of potential and isn't fully established yet.

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